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If you’re a physically active individual or regularly experience joint pain, Kinesio taping can provide support, reduce swelling, limit discomfort, and even improve performance. At HealthySpine NY Chiropractic in Lynbrook, New York, Kentia Jean-Charles, DC, and the team provide Kinesio taping on-site to people of all ages. To see if you can benefit, schedule an appointment by phone or book online today.

Kinesio Taping Q&A

What is Kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping is a revolutionary treatment for the rehabilitation of sports injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, developed the technique during the 1970s.

Kinesio tape is incredibly stretchy and made from cotton and nylon. It mimics your skin’s elasticity, allowing for a full range-of-motion. It’s also water-resistant and strong enough to stick for 3-5 days, so you can shower, swim, or bathe following its application.

What are the benefits of Kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping provides various benefits. Once applied to your body, it gently lifts your skin. This provides muscular stabilization and support, improves subcutaneous blood flow and lymphatic drainage, relieves pain by alleviating pressure on nerve fibers, and promotes your body’s natural healing process.

Kinesio taping is safe for people of all ages and backgrounds. Many athletes and weekend warriors use it, but it can help anyone experiencing muscle aches, stiffness, or mobility issues.

What types of problems can benefit from Kinesio taping?

HealthySpine NY Chiropractic uses Kinesio taping to address various musculoskeletal problems, including:

  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries
  • Lower back and hamstring strains
  • Whiplash and auto accident injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Ankle sprains
  • Shoulder pain

You might also benefit from Kinesio taping if you suffer from plantar fasciitis or another foot-related problem.

Does Kinesio taping really work?

Kinesio taping has a proven track record of success. Several scientific studies suggest this quick, pain-free treatment method results in mild or moderate gains, both in relieving pain and improving athletic performance.

HealthySpine NY Chiropractic typically recommends Kinesio taping combined with other treatments, such as soft tissue therapy and chiropractic care. This is because the effects of Kinesio taping are more effective when used in coordination with conventional care.

Am I a good candidate for Kinesio taping?

A qualified chiropractor, like those at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic, can determine if you’re a good candidate for Kinesio taping. If you’re a physically active individual or regularly experience musculoskeletal pain, you may benefit from this treatment. 

Following a review of your medical history, a discussion of your symptoms and goals for treatment, and a physical exam, the team can develop a custom care plan.

To explore Kinesio taping further, schedule an appointment at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic by phone or book online today.