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If you want to keep your spine in great shape, it’s important to practice good posture. Preventive treatments, such as posture correction, can reveal important health information and unlock the door to improved health and well-being. At HealthySpine NY Chiropractic in Lynbrook, New York, Kentia Jean-Charles, DC, and the team provide posture correction in-office. They also provide screenings at area malls, community events, health fairs, and places of employment. To schedule an appointment, call the office today or book online today.

Posture Correction Q&A

What is posture correction?

Posture correction is a holistic treatment method that combines exercises, stretching, and spinal screenings to promote spinal alignment and improved posture. Posture is how you hold your body while standing, sitting, or lying down.

Good posture supports your joints, muscles, and skeletal structure. Poor posture leads to excessive strain and wear-and-tear injuries. If you don’t practice good posture, you’re more likely to slouch, which increases your risk of back and neck injuries.

Who can benefit from posture correction?

Anyone with poor posture can benefit from posture correction. Some of the most common causes of poor posture include:

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Weak postural muscles
  • Abnormally tight muscles
  • Unhealthy sitting and standing habits

You’re also more likely to experience poor posture if you wear high heels or work in a physically demanding environment, like a warehouse or construction site.

Posture correction provides the guidance you need to improve your posture and overall mobility.

What does posture correction involve?

At HealthySpine NY Chiropractic, posture correction involves two steps:

Spinal and postural screening

A spinal and postural screening is a comprehensive exam used to determine the health of your spine and musculoskeletal system. During a spinal and postural screening, your provider reviews your medical history, asks about your symptoms and treatment goals, and conducts a physical exam. 

Your provider carefully feels for areas of warmth, swelling, or tenderness, has you rate your pain on a scale of 1-10, and asks you to perform strength and range-of-motion exercises. Afterward, they may order X-rays or an MRI to rule out underlying problems like a herniated disc, arthritis, or bone spurs.

Corrective exercises

Following the spinal and postural screening, your provider develops a treatment plan using special “blueprint” exercises. These exercises help strengthen and correct the irregularities in your body that are causing you pain.

Correction exercises are easy and hassle-free, and you can perform them from the comfort of your own home. The team at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic recommends combining corrective exercises with regular chiropractic adjustments. 

Over time, these practices can improve your spinal alignment, easing inflammation, and improving your quality of life.

How long does posture correction take?

Posture correction isn’t a one-and-done type of treatment. It’s important to commit to your provider’s custom care regimen to achieve the best possible results. Make sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments and follow your provider’s instructions carefully. The more dedicated you are to the practice, the sooner you’ll start feeling better.

To learn more about the benefits of posture correction, schedule an appointment at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic by phone or book online today.