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Soft tissue therapy uses manual treatments like massage, to ease pain and help your body achieve balance and health. At HealthySpine NY Chiropractic in Lynbrook, New York, Kentia Jean-Charles, DC, and the team offer soft tissue therapy to people of all ages. To learn more about this safe and effective treatment, schedule an appointment by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.

Soft Tissue Therapy Q&A

What is soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy is a non-invasive, hands-on treatment that involves rubbing and kneading of the skin, joints, and muscles. During soft tissue therapy, your HealthySpine NY Chiropractic provider applies varying levels of pressure to ease pain and relieve tension.  

HealthySpine NY Chiropractic provides specific types of soft tissue therapy to compliment chiropractic care. The team tailors custom treatment plans to align with each patient’s needs.

What are the benefits of soft tissue therapy?

Clinical studies show that soft tissue therapy presents various benefits, including:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Localized reduction in swelling
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Pain relief
  • Improved range-of-motion
  • Quicker recovery following an injury

There’s even some evidence to suggest soft tissue therapy can help boost your immune system. 

What are the types of soft tissue therapy?

HealthySpine NY Chiropractic offers several types of soft tissue therapy, including, but not limited to:

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a type of gentle soft tissue therapy ideal for people experiencing tension and muscle knots. Your provider uses a combination of kneading, passive joint movement techniques, and deep, circular motions to encourage relaxation and ease minor pain.

Sports massage

If you’re an athlete or physically active individual, consider a sports massage. This type of soft-tissue therapy can lower your risk of injuries or speed up your body’s natural healing process. 

Some people undergo whole-body sports massage; others receive treatment on a specific part of the body that’s prone to injury, such as a knee, ankle, elbow, or shoulder. 

Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage is a type of soft tissue therapy used to address injuries, chronic back pain, or a specific condition like arthritis. If your muscles become tight and develop trigger points, it can cause pain in other parts of your body.  

Trigger point massage combines broad, light strokes with targeted pressure to relieve trigger points. This process eases tension, limits pain, and encourages healthy circulation.

The team at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic also offers products that allow you to conduct soft tissue therapy at home, including Rubbing Dots®, Biofreeze, and cervical and lumbar denneroll. 

What type of soft tissue therapy is right for me?

Only a qualified doctor of chiropractic can determine the type of soft tissue therapy that’s right for you. Following a physical exam, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your symptoms, the team can develop a custom care plan to align with your needs.

To learn more about soft tissue therapy, schedule an appointment at HealthySpine NY Chiropractic by calling the office or booking online today.